About Dr. Bob G. Lanier


Dr. Bob G. Lanier, MD owns his own practice in Cumming, Georgia. He specializes in arthritis, back disease, and rheumatology. He works closely with Tripp to develop and improve XLEMR. Dr. Lanier is a long-time member of the Medical Association of Georgia, past president of MAG, and a member of the Gwinnette/Forsyth County Medical Society.

Dr. Lanier has long been an advocate for Electronic Medical Records. He hopes this site will educate the medical field about the many benefits of EMRs. When Dr. Lanier is not working at his practice, hes helping XLEMR improve their software and develop new products. Dr. Lanier attends many trade shows throughout the southeast to promote the EMR cause. His practice was the first in the nation to submit regular production data to CMSs DOQ-IT program.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Lanier about Electronic Medical Records, please email him.









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